When to Call Your Midwife in Labour

GROW MIDWIFERY- 604-799-3463

Check the clinic answering machine for the number of the midwife on-call. Sometimes I have someone else cover my pager if I am unavailable for a few hours, or on holidays. If you have call- display, you may have access to my cell phone number. I ask that you still call the clinic line first to access the number of the midwife on call and to use the guidelines listed in “How to Reach Your Midwife.”


Please page day or night if you think you are in labor and have: • Regular, strong contractions:

FIRST BABY: 3-2-1 Rule = consistent contractions every 3 minutes for over 2 hours that are over 1 minute long
SECOND or more BABY: 5-1-1 Rule = contractions every 5 minutes for 1 hour that are 1 minute long

• Not reached 37 weeks gestation
• Broken your water and you are GBS positive
• Broken your water and the water has a strong odor OR is any color other than clear OR baby

isn’t moving normally
• Constant abdominal pain that does not go away
• Large amount of bleeding, more than mucousy “show”
• Persistent and severe mid-back pain
• A fever > 38oC (if you feel hot or shivery, take your temperature)
• An outbreak of blisters anywhere around your genitals
• Blurry vision, double vision or spots before your eyes
• Concerns about fetal movement (less than 10 movements in 2 hours)


DAY (between 9 am and 9 pm): If you suspect you may be in labor and/or your water has broken, page the midwife on call. A heads-up call can help us to arrange our day so that we will be ready when you need us later.
NIGHT (between 9 pm and 9 am): If you do not need a midwife immediately, please wait until morning. We appreciate our chances to sleep through the night so that we are rested and able to work with you during your labour. If you know you are in active labor and need a midwife now, please call!


• If your water has broken and you feel something hanging in your vagina (then get in a knees & chest position on the floor)
• If the birth is suddenly imminent and the midwife is not going to make it in the next few minutes

AFTER you call 911, call your midwife IMMEDIATELY.